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PWK: South Asian Stories (Romen Borsellino)

South Asian Stories is an interview podcast where Sameer Desai chats with artists, entertainers, athletes, scientists, and even a former surgeon general to discover South Asians who have taken a different path. Join him as he uncovers their identities, success, and failures through their stories.

Romen Borsellino is a staff writer on NBC’s A Little Late with Lilly Singh and was executive producer and co-creator of Freeform’s 2020 election series Kal Penn Approves This Message. He’s also worked on Michael Schur’s 2019 NBC comedy Sunnyside. Prior to that, Romen served as a political appointee in the United States Department of the Interior under President Obama. Romen has also worked on a number of high-profile political campaigns in his home state of Iowa, including President Obama’s historic 2008 Iowa caucus race and 2012 re-election. In this episode he discusses watching Harold and Kumar in theaters with his dad, working on the Clinton campaign, and going from Kal Penn’s assistant to his co-creator on Kal Penn Approves This Message.

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