Rajat Mittal

Menstruation. Rajat’s first venture as a book producer was an eighty page comic book on this topic. That book, Menstrupedia, is now used in over 10K schools and has been translated into 15 different languages. Rajat started his career as a software engineer and has worked for both startups and larger companies like Square and eBay. But today, his is combatting gender norms as a full-time creative, with his latest projects, “She Can, You Can” and “Boyish.”

In this episode, Rajat discusses the migration of South Asians to the US for tech jobs. He brings fascinating insights on children’s books and on representation in India. And Rajat reflects on how he learned and broke his own conditioning around gender norms, and what he hopes to pass on to his son.

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April 2014 – “Menstrupedia” aims to break taboo over periods in India (Reuters)


Page from She Can You Can (src: Mango & Marigold)

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