Raj Kalra

Raj is a television executive with over 12 years of experience working for companies like Disney, Marvel, and A+E Networks. He’s currently living in Korea, working remotely to help the UK company Particle 6 expand to the US. We chat about getting to LA to start his career in the media industry, about being one of the only South Asian executives on the creative side of a media company, and about his career tips.

Raj also has a unique family, being in a same sex interracial marriage and the father of two adopted children. Raj tells us why he moved to Korea and what the adjustment has been like for him and his family. He also reflects on his father’s unexpected reaction when Raj decided to come out as gay and the importance of South Asian gay representation in media and communities. Lastly, the episode sees a recurring theme: whether the pressures that we feel as children of immigrants are put on us by our parents or whether we put them on ourselves.

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