Armaan Gupta

Armaan aka Kahani is the founder of NONRESIDENT, an alternative record label for diaspora artists. Armaan started his career with a decade plus in the VC/Tech industry where he’s held numerous roles building and growing digital products for companies like Lumenary, Jakt, and Mapfit, which was acquired by Foursquare. In the last two years, he took a leap and shifted his focus to music full-time. As the artist Kahani, Armaan has spent his time remixing South Asian classics and growing the aforementioned label – NONRESIDENT. Through the label, he’s worked with artists like Anik Khan, ShiShi, and Raaginder to throw concerts in NYC, Tulum, and around the world. And of course, to put out some bangers.

This episode was recorded LIVE in NYC.

Show Links

Armaan Gupta – Instagram, LinkedIn

NONRESIDENT – WebsiteInstagram, Spotify

Trailer for NONRESIDENT’s Full Circle event in NYC.

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