Anushay Hossain

Anushay is a feminist Op Ed Journalist that has appeared on CNN, PBS, Forbes, Huffington Post, and the iconic Bangladeshi newspaper – the Daily Ittefaq. She’s also the host of the Spilling Chai podcast and the author of The Pain Gap, her upcoming book on the state of Women’s Healthcare in America. As the granddaughter of one of Bangladesh’s founding fathers and the daughter of a famed Bangladeshi feminist, her interest in impact and politics is a natural fit.

In this episode, Anushay reflects on the influence of her mother on her own work and why you can’t be an “objective journalist” in today’s environment. She shares her thoughts on working in different mediums like blogging and podcasting, and about the life event that led to her writing her book. Lastly, we talk about marrying a Persian husband and how she’s trying to balance both cultures as she raises her children in America.

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